About Us

The Story of Chocolette

Chocolette captures the enchantment and wonder of Parisian sweet shops in the 18th Century. It is here that little girls step in from the cobbled streets, to a world where they can dream, create and play.

Inspired by artfully created and imaginative French confectioneries, every Chocolette piece is exquisite and thoughtfully designed, blending classic styles with modern touches.

Chocolette creations are just as refined on the inside as they are on the outside. They are constructed in small batches with luxurious fabrics, and masterful craftsmanship ensures each seam is deliberate and comfortable.

Every Chocolette girl is always at her beautiful best – whether it is at a soiree, an afternoon at the races, or hosting her first tea party. Just like the last lemon madeleine she took off the platter, she is perfectly sweet inside and out.